Urine Drug Testing

What is urine drug testing and how is it performed?

Urine drug testing is the most common type of drug test performed today. Urine testing is typically performed to show recent or current drug use. Depending on the drug and frequency of use, detection times can vary from a few hours to over a month.

Urine samples are typically collected in a closed bathroom or bathroom stall while the collector waits outside of the bathroom unless the test is to be observed. In observed testing, a trained observer of the same gender will accompany the donor into the bathroom or bathroom stall and will ensure that the donor does not tamper with or substitute their sample.

Who should choose urine drug testing?

Urine drug testing is usually performed when recent drug use is suspected. Because each drug varies in detection time with urine testing, it is important to know what those approximate detection times are so that testing can coincide with suspected use times. Our staff can help you determine these detection times.

How we can help.

We can provide a wide array of urine tests that are confidential and court defensible. Urine drug testing services are available to concerned parents, attorneys, corporations and private individuals. Results can be released to multiple individuals if necessary and in some cases can even be performed anonymously.

In situations where donors are living in other states or even overseas, we can coordinate the collection of their samples where each donor resides.

Frequently Asked Questions
Do I need an appointment for a urine test?

It depends. Appointments are required for urine testing if the test is to be observed. If the test isn't observed, then no appointment is necessary, walk-ins are welcome.

How long will the collection take?

Urine collections where the donor is able to provide an immediate sample take approximately 10 minutes.

I take a lot of vitamins, will this affect my result?


I'm supposed to take an observed collection, does that mean someone will be watching me while I provide my specimen?

Yes. Specific details about observed collections can be viewed here so you know what to expect. You can also ask the collector or observer at any time what the guidelines are.

Should I drink a lot of water before my test?

You should drink the same amount that you would normally drink.

What is a testing panel, and how do I know which one to pick?

A testing panel is simply a drug or a class of drugs that should be tested for. The best option for help selecting a panel is to call us at (636) 916-0050. If you prefer, you can view a list of the most common urine testing panels in our online reference library.

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How long before I get my results?

Results are typically available in 1 to 2 business days.

Can I test a urine sample I collected myself?

No. To test a sample you collect yourself, please see our instant test kit options.

Information for Donors

Prior to setting up your test

Make sure to have all necessary information before setting up your test.

In some cases, testing may already be set up. To check if testing has already been set up for you, call us at (636) 916-0050.


If testing hasn't been set up already, it will need to be set up before any appointments or specimen collections can be made. To make the set up process quick and accurate, make sure that you have all of the necessary information first.


To set up your test you will need:


  • If the test is to be observed or not
  • The test panel to be performed or a complete list of drugs that should be tested for (trade names such as Adderall are acceptable for prescription drugs)
  • If you would prefer to schedule you appointment to avoid another donor who will be testing, you will need the name of the other donor or donors that you wish to avoid
  • If any legal order of protections or restraining orders are in place between any other donors (if known)
  • If a court has issued an order requiring the test


If you do not have all of the information, or are unsure about the information that you do have, please let us know this when setting up your test.

Setting up your test

Setting up your test is quick and can be done over the phone.

To set up your test, call us at (636) 916-0050. When you set up your test, you will be asked to provide some basic information about yourself and the donors.


Payment arrangements are also made at this time if another individual is responsible for payment. Payment arrangements must be completed before any collections can be scheduled or performed. For your convenience, we accept Visa or MasterCard over the phone.

Scheduling your collection

Appointments may be required for collections.

Call (636) 916-0050 to schedule your collection appointment time or to make changes to your existing appointment.


When calling to schedule your collection appointment, make sure you have all of the necessary information to make the process quick and accurate.


To schedule an appointment, you will need to provide:


  • Your name
  • Your telephone number
  • If any legal order of protections or restraining orders are in place between you and any other donors
  • If you are scheduling an appointment for a minor:
    • Name of minor
    • Age of minor
    • If parent or guardian will not be at the facility at the time of the minor's test collection, prior written permission authorizing the collection must be in place.
  • The date and time that you prefer
  • If the collection is to be observed, we will need to know the gender of the donor


When choosing an appointment time, please keep in mind that the collection process takes about 10 minutes.


We will make every effort to schedule your appointment for the date and time you prefer, but in some cases the appointment time may not be available.

Providing your specimen

Appointments are suggested but not required.

Payment is required at this time unless arrangements have already been made. Prior to arriving for your appointment, please be sure to bring with you:


  • A valid (not expired) government issued photo ID
    Acceptable IDs include (copies or faxes are not accepted):
    • Driver's License
    • Non-Driver License (state ID)
    • Passport
    • Military ID
  • A copy of any court orders if the testing is ordered by a court
  • A list of all names and their associated addresses, phone numbers, fax numbers and email addresses you wish for us to release the results to


If you will be bringing a minor for a collection, you will also need to bring:


  • A photo ID of the minor (if available)
  • If you are a social worker for the state and you will be authorizing testing for the minor, you will need to bring proof of guardianship or the court order for testing that specifically lists you as having the authority to authorize testing for the minor
  • Proof of guardianship if any of the following are true:
    • Your name does not appear on the minor's birth certificate
    • Your last name differs from the minor's last name and no birth certificate showing your name is presented
    • You are a relative of the minor
    • You are a family friend of the minor


Please arrive 15 minutes before your appointment time to check-in and complete the necessary paperwork.


The collection process will take about 10 minutes.

Discussing your results with the doctor

Some results may require a doctor to contact you prior to releasing the final result.

In some cases where a donor is taking a legitimate prescription drug, a false-positive may occur. Instead of releasing the result as positive, you have the option of having a special medical review officer (MRO) contact you to discuss your result for an additional fee. If you decide to have your result reviewed, you should take this opportunity to provide any prescription medication information to the doctor that may explain a positive result.


At the end of the conversation, the doctor should be able to provide you with their final determination and will then release the results for reporting.


If any positive results are explained by valid prescription use, the final result will show "Negative" for that drug instead of positive. If no prescription information is provided, or the prescription provided would not have affected the result, the final result will still show "Positive" for that drug.


You will not need to worry about contacting the doctor directly. If you decide to have your test reviewed, the doctor will contact you first.


If you miss the doctor's call, or are unable to discuss the information with the doctor when they call, they will leave a call back number on any voice-mail or answering machine service. It is important that you call the doctor back as soon as possible. If you fail to return the doctor's call within 72 hours, the doctor may release the result without giving you the opportunity to provide any information.

Obtaining your results

Test results are normally available 1 to 2 business days after collection.

Telephone and fax results are typically available 2 days after the specimen is collected. A mailed test result is provided and typically arrives in the mail 7 to 14 days after the specimen is collected. Donors can also request to hold results at our Saint Charles office for pickup. Results are typically available for pickup 7 days after the specimen is collected. If you would like to pick up your result instead of having it mailed, please tell your collector during your appointment.


For help interpreting your results after you receive them, please call (636) 916-0050 and one of our staff would be happy to discuss your result with you.

Have Questions?

Drug testing can be embarrassing to discuss. We understand.

Normally drug testing is performed for reasons that can be embarrassing. Simply knowing that you need to take a test, or that you need to have someone test, can be stressful before you even pick up the phone to call for information. After providing your sample you have the added anxiety of waiting for the test result to come back. We understand that you will have questions and concerns. We want you to know that we will be here each step of the way to help you, even after the test results are back. If you have any questions about the testing process, help interpreting your results or would like information on where substance abuse treatment can be obtained, please give us a call.

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