Observed Urine Specimen Collections

How is an observed urine specimen collection performed?

We follow US DOT guidelines for observed collections. These guidelines are in Title 49 (A) §40.67 (g). The guidelines are provided below as a bulleted list:

  • The observer will be the same gender as the donor.
  • The observer will enter the restroom or facility where urination occurs with the donor.
  • If it is a multi-stall restroom, the observer must enter the stall with the donor.
  • The observer will request that the donor raise his or her shirt, blouse or dress/skirt, as appropriate, above the waist; and lower clothing and underpants to show, by turning around, that there is no prosthetic device. After the observer has determined there is no prosthetic device, the donor may return clothing to its proper position for observed collection.
  • The observer must watch the donor urinate into the collection container. Specifically, the observer must personally and directly watch the urine as it goes from the donor's body into the collection container.
  • After the donor has completed urinating into the collection container, the donor and the observer leave the enclosed toilet stall/restroom and the donor hands the collection container to the collector directly. The observer will maintain visual contact of the collection container until the donor hands the container to the collector.
  • The observer will not touch, hold or carry the collection container at any time.