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Download the latest version of our court order for testing template to use in all of your cases that require forensic or laboratory testing.

Using the template ensures that results are released to the proper parties and that the correct test is performed. Ordering testing with Asure Test is as easy as checking a box!

You should check back here at least once a year to ensure that you have the latest court order for testing template.

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Ordering Testing Through Asure Test

Ordering testing has never been easier!

Ordering testing through Asure Test is very simple if the Court Order for Testing Template is used. While it's not required, the order will help make your job easier regarding information such as who should receive results, who is responsible for payment and which specific test have you ordered. To help ensure that testing is performed accurately and to minimize inconveniences for your client, follow these simple guidelines. If you have any questions, a quick phone call to our office can save you time in the end. We are here to help.

Use the Court Order For Testing Template if possible

The Court Order For Testing Template is a simple fill-in-the-blank and check box PDF file. The template allows you to order testing for one or more clients with a few clicks of the mouse. Testing services that are typically used in legal cases are presented in a "restaurant menu" style and all that is needed to select the testing necessary is a few clicks. Once the order is filled in, simply print it out and have the judge sign the order. All of the legal language necessary for results to be released to your office and other parties necessary is already written out.

If you have questions about the Court Order For Testing Template or you would like more information on the legal language necessary for your own order, give us a call, we are here to help! You can reach us by phone at (636) 916-0050.

Select the appropriate test

As an attorney, selecting the best test for the job isn't something you necessarily have time to do, and why would you? There are hundreds of forensic tests out there for thousands of different drugs and a multitude of laboratory tests for many different reasons. If you aren't sure what test you need to order, and if any alternate tests should be included, you can call us for help. Depending on if you are testing for controlled substances, prescription medications, or even the paternity of a child, knowing your options is the best way to save your clients time and money.

We are available to help you select the test yosu need. Simply give us a call and we can discuss what testing options are best for your client. You can reach us by phone at (636) 916-0050.

Make sure your clients understand any payment arrangements before making any appointments or showing up for testing

One of the most frustrating things for donors is finding out that the party responsible for making payment hasn't done so; this is especially true when they have taken time off of work to appear for testing, but can't because the payment is missing. This can cause confusion and frustration for everyone involved. The good news is that this is a problem that is easily avoided by ensuring that all parties understand who is paying for what and when that payment is required to be made.

You should also let your clients know that before they make any appointments or arrive for testing, they should call our office to verify that payment has been made and that it will be available when they arrive for testing.

Another way to avoid this confusion is to simply have the donors pay for their own tests instead of having them pay for each other's testing.

If your client is responsible for making payment for someone else, they can do so any of the following ways:

  • Over the phone or in person with a Visa® or MasterCard® branded credit or debit card.
  • In person or through the mail with a cashier's check or a money order. Personal checks are accepted for charges under $300.00. If making payment through the mail, make sure the check or money order has the full name of the donor they are paying for in the "memo/for" line or on a note included in the envelope.

If you or your office will be paying for the testing, please contact us ahead of time and let us know so that those arrangements can be made.

Recommend your client makes an appointment

Court ordered testing can especially benefit from appointments because it allows the collection facility time to ensure that all paperwork is in order before any donors appear for testing.

Fax all orders for testing and any other pertinent information to Asure Test immediately

To help ensure that there are no problems with testing, make sure you, your legal assistant or a court officer immediately faxes the order for testing or any other necessary documents to Asure Test. If donors are proceeding directly from the court house to the collection facility, please indicate this on the coversheet. This will allow us to review the documents and address any issues we may see prior to the donors arriving for testing.

Direct your clients to our website for more information

Our website has a wealth of information for donors that your clients may find extremely valuable and may help put their mind at ease.

When should you expect test results?

When test results become available depends on:

  • What type of test was performed
  • What day of the week the test was performed on
  • If your client took one test, or multiple tests
  • If your client is taking prescription medications

For a better time frame of when results are generally available, you can use the "Private Testing" menu and review the information for the specific test ordered. If you prefer, you can also contact our office directly and we would be happy to answer any questions you have regarding turn-around time for our testing services. We can be reached at (636) 916-0050.

Once test results are received by our office, they are immediately reported to all attorneys using the reporting method requested. Your client's copy of the results are generally mailed to them or are held at our office for pickup, depending on the donor's preference. You will most likely receive the result before they do.

If you need help interpreting test results, or need an expert witness...

You are always welcome to call our office at (636) 916-0050 for help interpreting the test results that you received or to request more information on hiring our expert witness.


If you have questions at any point along the way, please call us to discuss them. You can reach our office at (636) 916-0050. We here to help you with any questions or concerns that you may have.

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