Hair Drug Testing Services

Head Hair Testing

Head hair testing provides drug use history in 30 to 90 day segments.

Depending on the length of the donor's hair, standard head hair testing can provide a single"snapshot" of drug use history up to 90 days in the past. Segmented head hair testing can show drug use history and trends up to a year in the past.

This is an ideal test to determine if the donor has used drugs between 30 and 90 days ago or if you wish to determine if drug use has increase, decreased or remained constant over time.

This test is only available to donors with head hair that is at least ½ an inch in length.

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Body Hair Testing

Body hair testing provides drug use history between 30 days and up to a year in the past.

Unlike head hair that grows at a relatively constant rate, body hair grows at different rates so it isn't possible to determine history trends or exactly how far into the past the test can detect, but it could be up to a year.

This test is generally performed when a head hair test isn't possible and where use history trends and the approximate time of drug use isn't important.

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Environmental Exposure Hair Testing

Environmental exposure hair testing can show exposure to an environment where drug abuse occurred.

Primarily for children and teenagers, environmental exposure hair testing can help determine if an individual was in an environment where drugs were being used.

Since the contents of the hair are not being tested and only the residue on the outside of the hair, testing must occur as soon as possible and before the donor washes their hair.

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Hair Drug Testing Overview

Selecting the best hair test

Selecting the best hair test for your needs can be confusing. Each hair test has it's own benefits and limitations. To help you choose the test that is right for you, take a look at the comparison chart below.

Hair Test Comparison Chart
  Head Hair Body Hair Environmental Exposure
Result can be used in legal proceedings
Test can show drug use up to a year ago  
Test can be reviewed by an MRO to rule out legitimate prescription drug use  
Test sample can be segmented    
Donor can be female  
Test shows if a donor was in an environment where drug abuse was taking place   
Testing Panels

Not sure which testing panel to select or do you want to know what is included in a specific panel?

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Do you have questions about your results?

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