Home DNA Paternity Testing

What is home DNA paternity testing and how is it performed?

Home DNA paternity testing can determine the paternity of a child any time after birth in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Home paternity testing is performed using a collection kit that contains all of the supplies and detailed instructions necessary to collect a viable DNA sample and return it for analysis. The kit includes a series of sterile buccal swabs to use in collecting a DNA sample from the cheeks of the mother, each alleged father and each child. The process is quick and painless and, if performed correctly, is just as accurate as a postnatal DNA paternity test.

Who should choose home DNA paternity testing?

Home DNA paternity testing is typically performed by individuals and families who would rather wait until the child is born to perform paternity testing or in cases where the child is an adult. Additionally, in situations where the mother is not willing or able to provide a sample, home testing can proceed without a sample from the mother. Home testing is also frequently used when absolute anonymity is required. Home testing allows the donors to provide pseudonyms for testing rather than their actual name.

Because no chain-of-custody is present, home DNA paternity testing is not admissible in legal proceedings where the paternity of a child or multiple children are in question.

How we can help.

We can provide confidential, convenient and affordable home DNA paternity testing kits to you. Our home DNA testing undergoes the exact same test as our postnatal testing, using the same cutting-edge technology to provide fast and accurate results. The kit includes detailed instructions to collect your samples, buccal swabs, specimen envelopes and instructions on how to return your samples directly to our laboratory. The collection process is extremely simple and can take 10 minutes to collect all the samples, package them and prepare them to be mailed.

Frequently Asked Questions
Can the test results be used in legal proceedings?


The alleged fathers are brothers or close relatives, is the test still accurate?

Yes. If there are two or more possible fathers and they are brothers or close relatives, we need to know this before you purchase your kit so that additional testing can be performed at the laboratory.

How long before I get my results?

Once the samples have been mailed to our laboratory, results are usually available in 5 business days.

If the alleged father or mother is a minor, can they consent to their own testing and the testing of the child?

There are no consent forms for home DNA paternity testing kits and there are no restrictions on the sale or use of the kits based on age.

Can an alleged father test a minor child without the consent of the mother?

There are no consent forms for home DNA paternity testing kits.

Is it possible to use pseudonyms for testing?

Yes. You can provide any name you like on the sample envelopes and documentation and those names will be used on all results and records.

Is it possible to get additional copies of the result?

Yes. Simply call (636) 916-0050 and provide your reference number so that we can retrieve your result. There may be a document retrieval fee for results over one year old.

Information for Purchasers

Prior to ordering your kit

Make sure to have all necessary information before ordering your kit.

To order a kit, you will need:


  • The number of alleged fathers to be tested
  • The number of children to be tested
  • If the mother will be tested or not


Once you have all this information, you are ready to order your testing kit.

Ordering your kit

There are 3 ways to order your testing kit.

The basic home DNA paternity testing kit is $275.00 (plus shipping and handling) and includes everything necessary to test one alleged father and one child. Supplies to collect a sample from the mother are available upon request at no additional charge.


If you need to test additional alleged fathers or children, you will need to specify this when ordering your kit. Each additional alleged father or child adds $100.00 to the cost of the test.


Once you order your kit and it has shipped, you cannot add additional alleged fathers or children or request the supplies to collect a sample from the mother. These requests must be made while ordering your kit.


To order your testing kit, you can:


  • Call (636) 916-0050 and pay for your kit over the phone with a credit or debit card
  • Complete and mail the order form with your payment included
  • Visit our clinic at:
    2101 Collier Corporate Parkway
    Saint Charles, Missouri 63303

    and purchase the kit in person


If you are picking up your kit at our clinic, you have the option of having your samples collected by one of our trained collectors for a small collection fee.

Obtaining your results

Test results are normally available 5 days after the specimens were mailed.

If you did not include the Client Information Form with your sample, your results are available by calling (636) 916-0050 after 5 days with your reference number. You can request that your result be mailed, faxed or emailed to you at that time.


If you included the Client Information Form with your sample, your results will be mailed to the address you provided on the form. Mailed results normally arrive in 7 to 10 days.


If you feel that you should have received your results but have not, please call (636) 916-0050 with your reference number and we can provide you with the status of the test.


For help interpreting your results after you receive them, please call (636) 916-0050 and one of our staff would be happy to discuss your result with you.

Have Questions?

DNA paternity testing is difficult to talk about. We understand.

DNA paternity testing carries with it a lot of emotions. Most individuals and families who are seeking home paternity testing are doing so to remain anonymous or to keep the testing itself confidential. Whatever the reason, we want to do everything we can to make sure the test is as confidential and discreet as possible. If you have any questions before, during or after your test, or any step along the way, please let us know. We will be happy to help.

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